genymotion free download virtual device

Not all of us can buy lots of real devices for testing.

That’s costly and time-wasting too. This is why emulators are born. It’s assured that emulators are far away from real devices in all aspects.

If you have experience with the Android default emulator, then you must know how frustrating that each moment we feel while testing our app.

So today I am going to talk about Genymotion. A free emulator – for personal use only. It has a paid version If you have any other plans.

So in this post, you will learn about

What is Genymotion?

Genymotion is a third party Android Emulator which helps developers to run and test apps. When compared to Android default emulators, It boots fast and quickly runs your app. It uses x86 architecture and make use of OpenGL hardware acceleration, that gives us a smooth operation.

genymotion free emulator download

Let’s learn, how to create an account on and download Genymotion.

How to create an account and download Genymotion?

Step 1

genymotion free emulator

Search “genymotion free” on Google or go to “”

Step 2

 download genymotion free

Click on the button named “Download Genymotion Personal Edition”.

Step 3

genymotion create account

If you already have a Genymotion account, then you can sign in with your username and password. Otherwise, click on Create an account.

Step 4

how to install genymotion in windows

Fill up the form with valid details.

Step 5

6 genymotion tick create account

Tick the checkbox by agreeing on privacy policy, terms, and conditions. Now click on CREATE ACCOUNT button. Now Genymotion sends email to your registered email address.

Step 6

genymotion gmail user account activation

Go to your registered email account and click on the link like above.

Step 7

genymotion free emulator for personal use

Click on the link “Download Genymotion for personal use“.

Step 8

download genymotion free emulator

I recommend downloading genymotion with Virtual box. If the virtual box is already installed on your pc, then you can select the second option. If you are a Mac or Ubuntu user, scroll down to see the download links.
genymotion mac ubuntu windows 10

Then click on the download button based on the operating system.

Download Genymotion virtual devices

Step 9

genymotion installation

After downloading, Install Genymotion just like any other software in Windows. At last, launch Genymotion.
If you skip these step or you already installed Genymotion, then double click on the Genymotion icon and launch.

Step 10

download genymotion virtual device

When Genymotion launches, you can see a lot of virtual device templates. Select any one of them and click on the 3 vertical dot icon.

Step 11

genymotion free

Click “install” from the menu.

Step 12

genymotion android emulator download
You can configure the Genymotion virtual device here.

if you want the virtual keyboard tick on the checkbox Use virtual keyboard for text input, or you can use PC’s Keyboard. Click Install

Step 13

genymotion virtual device download starts

Download started.

Step 14

genymotion virtual device installed

After the download completion, click on the three vertical dot menu on the right side and click on start.

Step 15

genymotion virtual device started initialization

Genymotion virtual device started to load.

Step 16

genymotion free emulator virtual device

Genymotion has successfully installed on your PC.

Next section will discuss on Genymotion integration with Android Studio.

Download Genymotion plugin for Android Studio

Step 1

genymotion plugin android studio
Open Android Studio, go File->Settings

Step 2

genymotion plugin

1. Click on Plugins
2. Search Genymotion in search dialog box.
3. If genymotion not found, Click on Search repositories or Browse repositories.
3 and 4 are leading to same page.

Step 3

genymotion install plugin

Click the install button.

Step 4

restart android studio

Restart Android Studio for changes to take effect.

Step 5

restart dialog

Click on the restart button

Step 6

genymotion icon

After the restart, click on the genymotion icon.

Step 7

genymotion virtual device selection

Choose Virtual devices from the dialog box and click on Start

Step 8

android studio run dialog

Now click on the run button, genymotion virtual device will be shown on chooser dialog. Select and Click OK.

Step 9

genymotion android studio plugin
Done. Genymotion is successfully integrated with Android Studio. Now you can test all your application using the same steps.

How to install gapps or google play services on Genymotion

genymotion gapps install google play services

So many apps rely on google play services. Developers of Genymotion know that, So the latest version of Genymotion arrives with a widget named Open GAPPS. This widget simply installs play store in one click. Let me show you how to install play store on Genymotion.

Step 1

google play services for Genymotion

Genymotion provided with a GAPPS icon to install play store. Click on the icon.

Step 2

genymotion playstore gapps accept notice

Click Accept.

Step 3

download gapps or playstore in genymotion

Download starts.

Step 4

Genymotion gapps playstore restart now dialog

Click on Restart now, it will redirect to GApps website.

Step 5

how to install google play services on genymotion
That’s all, play store is successfully installed.

Step 6

install gapps google play services genymotion
Install your favorite apps and games now.

Why Android Studio not detecting Genymotion device

After the successful installation of Genymotion, I too have faced this problem. Do the below steps to solve

android studio not detecting genymotion device

Open genymotion software, on the top-left side, click on genymotion.

android studio not detecting genymotion device

Click on settings

android studio not detecting genymotion device

Click on ADB

android studio not detecting genymotion device

Select the radio button with the label “Use custom Android SDK Tools” , locate your Android SDK through BROWSE button, When the location reaches Android-SDK folder, select and open. If you have selected the proper SDK folder, then it turns out to say this folder is valid.

That’s all. Now Android Studio can launch Genymotion easily.

By reading this post, you already understood that Genymotion is far better than Android default emulator. It boots fast and runs your app in less time, it also provides lots of other features. Although, It lacks wearable support. For making a wear app, you must use Android default ones.
So all I want to say is just give it a try if you never have used Genymoion. Let us know your experience with Genymotion and if you enjoyed reading this article, consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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