Are you tired of waiting for gradle to be finished?

Don’t worry, there is a way to reduce android build time and make APK.

Yes, we can.

gradlew.bat file helps us to build our APK (windows). In Mac and Linux, it available in the form of a shell. You can find the file from the root of each project that you created with Android studio.

gradlew file in root project folder of Android studio -Efficient way to reduce android build time

Let’s build our apk…

1) Open the command prompt and navigate to the root folder of your project.

Make sure that you enabled USB debugging on your device and still connected.

2) Type

‘gradlew installdebug’

(without quotes) in command prompt and press enter key.

This command will start building process with use of the gradlew.bat file. If there are no errors, and the APK will be moved to your device and install on it.

Just tap on the app icon manually to launch.

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