how to install flutter in android studio in windows 10
Welcome to our first Flutter Android Studio tutorial.

Let’s start by talking about Flutter.

Google has introduced its software development kit Flutter in 2017. Using Flutter, you can develop applications for Android, ios, Mac, Windows, Linux, and More.

If you are making an app for Android and ios. You can consider using Flutter, which helps you to make both in one codebase.

So in this post, you will learn,

I am assuming that you have downloaded

and know, how to create an android project, emulator also.

How To Download Flutter SDK In Windows

how to install flutter in android studio in windows

download flutter sdk windows

  • While scrolling down, you will see a blue button with flutter latest SDK version in a zip file, just click on it.
  • Download begins…

Extract download flutter sdk windows

  • After the download, Extract the zip file


flutter sdk windows

  • Just cut and paste the extracted file in C drive, just like above. You can choose your suitable location except for Program Files in C drive.
  • Just click on the extracted directory.

flutter sdk


  • Click on flutter.

flutter console

  • This is Flutter software development kit. Here you can click on flutter console and check flutter commands.

flutter console terminal

  • This is flutter console window.
  • click on bin folder.

flutter bin directory

  • We need to update the PATH variable with “…/flutter/bin”, then only we can run flutter commands from any command prompt.
  • So copy the path with “flutter/bin” like shown above.

How To Update Path Variable With Flutter SDK Path In Windows

environment variable flutter setup

  • Search “env” on the search bar and click on “Edit environment variables for your account”.

update path variable with flutter

  • Click on the path field -> Edit -> New -> Paste it in the empty field. Just like above.
  • Click Ok.

create new path variable flutter

If the Path variable doesn’t exist, you need to create one. By clicking New->Providing values in each field (name and value) and click OK (just like shown above).

flutter doctor command check to install flutter plugin

  • Open the command prompt, and run the “flutter doctor” command.
  • If there is any problem you will see the red cross mark.
  • Here I got errors because flutter and dart plugin are unavailable, let’s clear it now.

How To Install Flutter Plugin In Android Studio

plugins android studio

  • Open Android Studio
  • If you don’t get a window like the above image.
    You may not close your last opened project. So just close your project, File -> Close Project.
  • Click on “Configure“.

plugins android studio 2

  • Next click on the “plugins” items from the drop-down menu.
  • flutter marketplace
  • Next, we have to find the flutter plugin from the marketplace. Make sure you are on the marketplace tab.
  • Then search “Flutter” in the search box and press Enter.
  • Click on the install button to install the flutter plugin.

flutter and dart plugin installation android studio


  • Dart plugin is also needed to make flutter applications. You don’t need to install separately. Just click on ‘Install‘ on the dialog box.
  • It will automatically download both.

restart android studio ide

  • Now click on the Restart IDE button to restart the Android Studio.

restart android studio ide dialog

  • In the next alert dialog box, “Restart Android Studio to activate changes in plugins?“. Click on Restart.

start a new flutter project in android studio

  • After the restart, now you can see “Start a new flutter project” item in the window.
  • That means you have successfully installed a flutter plugin in Android Studio.
  • But check again to confirm our system is ready to create flutter applicaions using flutter doctor command.

check flutter setup

  • Everything fine now.

How To Create Flutter Project In Android Studio

start a new flutter project in android studio

  • Click on “Start a new Flutter project”.

flutter project flutter application android studio


  • Select “Flutter Application” and click “Next”.

How To Change Flutter SDK Path In Android Studio

new flutter application android studio


  • I just let the project name as ‘flutter_app’. After that, one of the important step is to change the Flutter SDK path.
  • Click on Flutter SDK path (3 dot) button.

flutter sdk path set in android studio

  • Now you have to select the flutter SDK location, for me, it’s in C drive.  Expand drives by clicking on it.
  • After selecting flutter folder just click OK.

set flutter sdk path

  • Flutter SDK path is set now, then click Next.

change package name of flutter project


  • Change package name if you want.
  • I have changed to “com.androidride” , leave others, and click Finish.

How To Run Flutter Project In Android Studio

flutter run project android studio


  • After the build, the project will shown up just like above.
  • Like Android Project, Select your emulator and click on Run button.

run flutter app

  • The flutter application is ready now.

How To Open Existing Flutter Project In Android Studio

Method I – Drag And Drop Flutter Project To Android Studio

open existing flutter project in android studio


  • Before drag and drop your project, make sure you have installed the flutter plugin in Android Studio.

Method II – Using Open An Existing Android Studio Project

open existing flutter project in android studio


  • Click on “Open an Existing Android Studio project “.

open existing flutter app

  • Now you have to find the location of your flutter project. Here, my fluter project is located at desktop.
  • After selecting your project, just click OK.
  • The project is ready now.

I believe that this post will help you start your flutter journey. If you like this post, please share it with your family and friends. Thank you.

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