In this example, you will learn how to open the calendar on button click in Android with an example. Here I use DatePickerDialog, not CalendarView. Beginners tend to use Calendar, that’s why I use that here.

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Let’s discuss in simple steps.

1. Create a button and make it listen for events.

2. Access current date.

3. Initialize DatePickerDialog with the current date and show it. If you don’t and use 0 as day, month and year. Then DatePickerDialog shows Feb month 1900.

4. Get day, month and year from DatePickerDialog onDateSet() method.
When you select a date in DatePickerDialog, onDateSet() method gives day, year in the as correct number specified in DatePickerDialog. But month value varies from 0 to 11. So just add 1 to month value to show original month number.

Just like below.

Create Project – Open Calendar on Button click in Android Example

Let’s create a project that sets the date in EditText. When you click on Button, DatePickerDialog shows up, When you select a date, it sets on EditText.

Start a new Android Studio project

Application name: Open Calendar on Button Click in Android Example.

Company domain:

check to include Kotlin support.

Select minimum SDK: API 15 – Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and click Next.

Next dialog, Select Empty Activity and click Next.

Activity Name: MainActivity
Check Generate layout file

Layout Name: activity_main

Click Finish.

Make a layout using below code

Open calendar on button click in Android Example
Open calendar on button click in Android Example






open calendar on button click in android example
open calendar on button click in android example

There are many occasions when you need a date from the user. Date of birth in sign up process, Ticket reservation, and date of an upcoming event just like that. It may not be user-friendly If the user needs to type it down. Android provides views for that, so users can easily pick it up. So I think if you are making an app like that, this post might have helped you. If you like this tutorial, please share it.

DatePickerDialog – Android doc